Escape Room Games

Indoor Events
Players 16 years of age and older
Up to 8 players per game

Rental Time & Pricing
1 Game – 2 hours $150

Prices include taxes, set-up, take-down and a virtual Game Master

Battle City Mobile Entertainment partnered with Break Out Zone Escape Rooms offers the only mobile Escape Game experience in Durham Region.

Our team will set-up an indoor Escape Room for your event. Perfect for Birthday Parties, Family Events and Team Building Activities.

Your group will have 60 minutes to complete a series of puzzles to complete an objective.
An additional 60 minutes will be given to groups that are unsuccessful so that they can receive the full experience.

Our adventures will captivate you the same way attending an Escape Room venue would.
We’ve included electronics, sound effects and more in our experiences.

Need guidance during your game? No problem! Our virtual Game Master is available to assist you throughout your mission.

Our Missions

Available July 27, 2020

There is a National Disease Outbreak and you are in quarantine with one of the worlds greatest scientist. Using your scientific, technical, chemical, biological and researched-based knowledge it is up to your group to create a cure.

Warning: Home based scientific experiments are part of this mission. Some safe mess will occur. 

…Coming Soon…

Your team of Explosive Specialists has been called in to assist with a bomb threat at the historic residence of pop star Michelle Jaxon. You arrive on scene and are briefed by the Police Supervisor in regards to the current scene. You must locate the bomb and disarm it before time runs out.

Important Information: No explosive materials have been used within this game design.