Murder Mystery Party

Indoor Events
Players 18 years of age and older
9-16 players per game

Rental Time & Pricing
1 Party (lasting 2-3 hours) $250.00

Prices include taxes, set-up, take-down and a virtual Event Host

Battle City Game Designers are working on our second Murder Mystery theme which can host 6-40 players.
This second theme will be launched in the Fall of 2020.

Our partner Break Out Zone was the first venue in the GTA to offer private group Murder Mystery Games.

Our team will set-up an indoor Murder Mystery Party for your event. Perfect for Birthday Parties, Family Events and Team Building Activities.

Your guests of family, friends and co-workers will attend a “party” (lasting 2-3 hours). Each guest will be assigned a character to play. During the party, one of the guests will be “murdered” and another will unknowingly play the Murderer. Guests must determine who among the group is the killer! 

Groups can facilitate meals, snacks, beverages and alcohol during their party.
Special Occasion Permit may be required for events with alcohol, Battle City is not responsible for these permits.

The Historical Society is having a gathering which is hosted by the well known residences of Grimstone Manor.

Members in attendance are the St. Clair family, staff of the Manor and various community members whom are honorary guests for the evening.

While at the party a “murder” occurs and everyone must work together to find the Murderer.

Party Schedule

Pre-Party Itinerary
1 Week prior to the event: The Party Organizer will provide a guest list to the Event Host.

2-5 Days prior to the event: The Event Host will email each guest their character, with details regarding their profile and costume options. This email will also contain important information for Part 1 of the game, which allows the guest to be prepared when attending the party. It is important that guests do not discuss their profile or the information included in this email prior to the party.

Party Itinerary
Part 1 Introduction: Your guest will arrive and get to know each other with the information provided in the email that they received prior to the event. 

Part 2A Pre-Murder: Your guests will continue to gather new information about each other and other relevant information.
This is a great time to serve a meal.

Part 2B Post-Murder: Your guests will start to piece together evidence regarding the murder.

Part 3 Conclusion: Your guests will discuss the events of the murder.

Our virtual Host will monitor your event and help with the flow of your party. They will be available to answer any questions you may have during the game.