Tactical Laser Tag

Indoor or Outdoor Events
Players 10 years of age and older
Games loved by teens and adults
Up to 14 players per game
15 minute game play time (due to physical activity)

Events are subject to compliance with Municipal Code regulations and permit requirements (if applicable)

Game Time & Pricing
60 minutes $250.00
90 minutes $375.00 $337.50 (10% OFF)
120 minutes $500.00 $425.00 (15% OFF)
150 minutes $625.00 $500.00 (20% OFF)
180 minutes $750.00 $562.50 (25% OFF)

Prices include taxes, set-up, take-down and a supervising Game Warden

Our team recommends 15 minute games. With our 60 minute package you’ll be able to host 4 games with a total of up to 56 players. 
Which works out to be $4.46 per player.

Our system is best played in a space no less than 1/4 acre (165 feet / 66 feet).

Battle City Mobile Entertainment offers the only mobile Laser Tag experience in Durham Region.
Our team will set-up an indoor or outdoor arena for your event. Perfect for Birthday Parties, Family Events and Team Building Activities.
Your group will select which competitive Tactical Laser Combat missions to play and how long each game will last.

Our Laser Tag experience is like no other. Our new age laser tagger the Battle Gun is equipped a with a Red Dot Sight and brings video games to life with games like Free For All, Team Death Match, King of the Hill, Battle Royale and Zombie Infection. Our Utility Box is the brain of our game and can give you health, armor, extra weapons, points and more. Need to breach the other teams base? Toss in a Grenade and make your move. Best part about our gear… there is no big bulky vest! Our Headband creates a hit zone around you.