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Battle City Mobile Entertainment does not have a physical location for guests to attend.

Due to by-laws Battle City Mobile Entertainment cannot operate in public parks.

Event Services
Indoor or Outdoor Bookings
Players 10 years of age and older
Games loved by teens and adults
Up to 14 players per game
10-30 minute game periods

Events are subject to compliance with Municipal Code regulations and permits (if applicable)

Game Time & Pricing
60 minutes $275.00
90 minutes $412.50 $371.25 (10% OFF)
120 minutes $550.00 $467.50 (15% OFF)
150 minutes $687.50 $550.00 (20% OFF)
180 minutes $825.00 $618.75 (25% OFF)

Game time minutes include
the actual time of in-game live action

Prices include taxes

Our team recommends 15 minute games.
With our 60 minute package 
you’ll be
able to host 4 games 
with a total of
up to 56 players.

Which works out to be $4.91 per player.

Our system is best played in a space no less than 1/4 acre (165 feet / 66 feet) and is best played out of direct sun light

Don’t have a venue location? We can help! Click HERE

Waiver and Release of Liability

All players, their parents or legal guardians must submit a Waiver and Release of Liability (Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement)
prior to playing Laser Tag. This Agreement can completed online using a smart phone or tablet. 
Click HERE for the Agreement



Phone Number

Email Address

Location of Venue

Event Address

Game Package (taxes included, additional fees may apply)

Date of Event (14 days notice appreciated)

Time of Event

About Your Event (I.E. Number of guests, ages, property size, etc.)


Please ensure you have completed the information above in full and that you have agreed to our 2 Terms of Service.
Please double check that the spelling of your email address and phone number are correct.